Rainbow Tribal Hand Art



Introduction: Rainbow Tribal Hand Art

I really love this hand art design that was contributed to the 2011 film Duran Duran Unstaged by Tara from Baltimore, Maryland. My version, however, is a little bit more sophisticated.

Step 1: Start With the Basics

First, I painted random stripes of red, yellow, and blue throughout the entire hand.

Step 2: Black Stripes

Then, for each finger, I added a random number of black stripes.

Step 3:

Step 4: Add Flowers

Then, I drew in small tribal styled flowers on either side of the hand.

Step 5: Add Final Details

Then, I colored in the flowers, then added some light blue highlights within each other. Then, I filled in any empty spots on my hands, as well as added red stripes to the index finger.

Step 6: Done!

Thanks, Tara, for submitting a beautifully colorful hand to the film. It's really colorful and I can actually condense it into something that I can paint based on my skill level!



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