Picture of Rainbow Tutu
First off, I love rainbows. My roommate has a saying, "my favorite color is rainbow". I often challenge myself to pull off wild color combinations, and have delved into a new medium recently - the world of tulle!

This year for Halloween, I was a clown. To support my clown costume, I decided I needed an AMAZING RAINBOW TUTU! This is a departure from how I have made Tutus in the past, as there is no elastic in it, follow my Step-by-Step directions to make one of your own <3
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Nikki found these awesome rolls of tulle fabric that are 6"x25 yards! They were perfect for making Tutu strips. I used those, some facing, and hot-glue, and a hook/eye fastener as my materials. I also used some yarn stretched between to dress forms to drape my tulle piles on to - more on that later. 

The tools I used for this Tutu were: a pair of scissors, a glue-gun, and a sewing machine

Step 2: Cut lengths of tulle

Picture of Cut lengths of tulle
Cut ALL THE TULLE! It takes a while, but for each color I used, I made 3 40" pieces, and 3 30" pieces. I ended up with over 100 pieces of cut tulle.

I recommend listening to this song while making your cuts, and to dance safely with fabric shears.

Step 3: Organize the rainbow

Picture of Organize the rainbow
The tulle really starts to pile up, so as I was cruising along, I stretched out a piece of yarn between two dress forms to hang it on. This allowed me to configure how I wanted the colors to flow, and also if I would have enough tulle pieces to fill a whole tutu.

It was spectacular to look at, and handling the tulle felt really nice.

Step 4: Staple the tulle (optional)

Picture of Staple the tulle (optional)
I went through color by color and stapled the groups of tulle together. 

I did this, and later realized it was probably unnecessary, but it certainly helped me keep it organized when I was pulling it off the string. Using some wire snips, I was able to easily cut the staples out of the tulle without damaging it.

I love rainbows too and could you make something like that except more sparkly?

sazagirl1 year ago

i love rainbows. they are so cool

samalert1 year ago
Is there an EL wire on shoes those look nice yo ! A close photo would be appreciated.
audreyobscura (author)  samalert1 year ago
stay tuned for a different instructable about those boots ;-)
GerinaFigg1 year ago
This looks awesome and very neatly done, but if you want to make one quickly you can just tie the tulle pieces on a strip of elastic. It won't look as neat as yours does but it works.
audreyobscura (author)  GerinaFigg1 year ago
that is how i have made tu-tus in the past, but as soon as i had cut all the tulle, I knew I wanted to make this one a little more sturdy.
sabu.dawdy1 year ago
i just loved the style
I love your rainbow spirit!:)))))
Ohww, I just love love it! looks super cute :)