Rainbow Loom Bracelet WITHOUT Rainbow Loom With Common Household Objects

Picture of Rainbow Loom Bracelet WITHOUT Rainbow Loom With Common Household Objects
So I bought a bag of these colored rubber bands that came with a hook, clasps, and the bands, but no actual rainbow loom. It didn't come with instructions and I didn't know that you need a loom to make this kind of bracelet, but i had seen other people wearing them so I just figured out how to make them with what I had. I later bought a loom to make more complicated designs, but I still don't use it when I just want to make a single bracelet because I can do it faster and easier without, plus it's more compact if I want to work with it on the go :)
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Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Picture of Gather Your Materials
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1.)colorful rubber bands. You can buy these at lots of stores (including Walmart) or you can use orthodontics bands, or really tiny hair bands.

2.) hook. I got mine in the package when I bought my bands, but otherwise you can make one from a paper clip or something (by bending it into the right shape-you'll want to make the actual hook part as small as possible).

3.) clasp. These also came in my kit, but there are lots of alternatives you could use, including...
-tie the ends together with yarn. I will provide instructions throughout this 'ible for yarn. Any type of string will work, and you could even cut a runner band
-bend a staple, or use some sort of o-ring. This will be used in approximately the same way as yarn.
-be creative! If you look around, I'm sure you will find something that will do the job.

Step 2: Starting Off

Picture of Starting Off
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13, 8:33 AM.jpg
Fold the band in half, and slide your clear plastic clasp onto it. There should be two pieces of the band in the hook on the clasp.
If you are using string, tie it around the middle of the folded band, in the same place as the plastic. Don't make it too tight though because you'll need to untie it later.
kklorek4 months ago
I was hoping that it'll show how to make the two top ones but these are nice as well :)
rmiller50 (author)  kklorek4 months ago
Sorry about that; I was planning on making that ible and then never got around to it. I will hopefully make it this summer though, so be sure to follow me if you want to be notified when I do.
sputnik11115 months ago

I bought these 2 refills and they seem pretty good. Very sturdy:

They sent me PDF booklet with youtube videos on how to make different patterns. Good quality too.

Newell_Jalynn8 months ago
lol at your bio haha
Delaneycat8 months ago
that is so cool
Wow! This is awesome! The instructions are really easy to follow and it's such a great idea!
MEB and OJB9 months ago
Using your fingers is a lot easier and faster way
sali649 months ago
its a colourful fun