Rainbow Loom Oreo Charm


Introduction: Rainbow Loom Oreo Charm

You will need: A Rainbow Loom, a Hook and Black and White bands only.

Step 1: Placing the Bands

Place your bands at first like the triple single then stop at the 4th peg and move the band to the right then you do a straight line in the middle when you've finished the border

Step 2: Placing the Other Bands

All of the white bands will be cap bands and place them the same way as the pictures

Step 3: Weaving

You have to pull back the cap band and bring up the first black. and and bring it over then just Weaver it like a single chain do nothing with the white bands except pull them back

Step 4: The Reveal

That is what it should look like if you didn't Weave it properly I'm sorry, Thanks! Bye.

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Mmm I love Oreos. Can we eat these ones?? lol. Great work

Bad grammar! Grammar Cat stinks at not looking and wanting to fix it!

-Grammar Cat✍?

could have done better but A for effort!