Introduction: Rainbow Loom: Single Chain Bracelet

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Step 1: You're Going to Need:

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rainbow loom



C clip

Step 2:

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Grab a band and start from the middle peg to the right peg, then go back to the middle peg. Repeat process till you reached the top.

Step 3:

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flip it over and add a cap band. To add a cap band make a figure eight with your two fingers and join them together. Then put it in the middle peg.

Step 4: Hookin' Ya

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Grab the band in the bottom of the cap band then hook it to the right then do the same thing until you have reach the top

Step 5: Finishing

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hook inside the last band then get a band then push it back. Then get it off carefully. Stick the c clip and your done yay! My first instructables!!


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