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Introduction: Rainbow Loom Vegetable Garden Bracelet

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These cute little charms are my original designs. They include strawberries, a carrot, a cucumber, a turnip thing, a tomato, and a green pepper. Please note that to make these, you need to know how to make the starburst. Have fun! And please vote for me! I entered kinda late.

Step 1: The Strawberry (part1)

The strawberry is all starburst 'technology.' If you dont know how to  starburst, this is going to be hard. Otherwise, it's easy.Starting with the arrow facing up, I start with one band on the middle row going up. Then I go all around and placing a cap band on top until it look like a independent starburst. Now going in the correct backwards order, I hook all the bands back to their original pegs while the cap band hold them in place. Random: I call the starburst the equation bracelet, because you have to undo in reverse order. LOL!

Step 2: Strawberry (part2)

To continue, follow the instruction in the boxes.

Step 3: Strawberry (part3)

boxes again

Step 4: Turnip Thing

the turnip thing is the same as the strawberry, but using purple and white.

Step 5: Tomato and Green Pepper

the tomato and gp are using similar logic as the strawberry. refer to boxes.

Step 6: Cucumber (part1)


Step 7: Cuc (part2)

Step 8: Carrot

boxes Put the charms on a rainbow loom bracelet, and you're done! Hope you enjoyed

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Thank you! Check the bracelet contest in a day or two and vote for me. I just sent a request to enter the contest.


3 years ago

nice but how do you make the turnip

1 reply

this is very cute but I only made the round ones.

1 reply

I like it so much. By the way could u show us how to make a cherry charm? That would be cute? thx??

2 replies

Congratulations! Love the charms!!! And great job on the pictures! I'm so proud of my multi-talented niece!!!

When you go to look at the pictures, there are little boxes over the pictures that you can roll your mouse over. the instructions are in there. Have fun!