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These cute little charms are my original designs. They include strawberries, a carrot, a cucumber, a turnip thing, a tomato, and a green pepper. Please note that to make these, you need to know how to make the starburst. Have fun! And please vote for me! I entered kinda late.

Step 1: The Strawberry (part1)

The strawberry is all starburst 'technology.' If you dont know how to  starburst, this is going to be hard. Otherwise, it's easy.Starting with the arrow facing up, I start with one band on the middle row going up. Then I go all around and placing a cap band on top until it look like a independent starburst. Now going in the correct backwards order, I hook all the bands back to their original pegs while the cap band hold them in place. Random: I call the starburst the equation bracelet, because you have to undo in reverse order. LOL!

Step 2: Strawberry (part2)

To continue, follow the instruction in the boxes.

Step 3: Strawberry (part3)

boxes again

Step 4: Turnip Thing

the turnip thing is the same as the strawberry, but using purple and white.

Step 5: Tomato and Green Pepper

the tomato and gp are using similar logic as the strawberry. refer to boxes.

Step 6: Cucumber (part1)


Step 7: Cuc (part2)

Step 8: Carrot

boxes Put the charms on a rainbow loom bracelet, and you're done! Hope you enjoyed



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Thank you! Check the bracelet contest in a day or two and vote for me. I just sent a request to enter the contest.

nice but how do you make the turnip

You make the turnip the same way as the strawberry.

I made this for my BFF and she very like it