Introduction: Rainbow Loom and Paracord Lanyard

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Carry those keys in style!

Step 1: Materials

5ft paracord
Rainbow loom bracelet of your choice

Step 2: Rainbow Loom

Picture of Rainbow Loom

I just used a double fish tail, but you can use whatever type of bracelet you want! (the freedom is exhilarating!)

Step 3: Paracord

Picture of Paracord

Take 5 or so feet of your favorite paracord and find the middle

Thread the center through the bracelet and pull it about 5-6 inches down.

Then simply perform a cobra weave until you're about an inch from the end, cut the excess, and burn the ends

Now go showoff your new hipster/survival accessory!


kawaiilover (author)2014-01-29

This is super creative!:)

afathman (author)kawaiilover2014-01-29


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