Introduction: Rainbow Loom Diamond Bracelet

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This is an easy bracelet for everyone

Step 1: Material

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You need :
Any loom,
C clip or S clip

Step 2: Placing Bands

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Make a diamond shape and continue till you are two diamonds from the end. Make a cap band.

Step 3: Looping Bands

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Pull back the cap band and grab the top band and loop it and continue till the end.

Step 4: Finishing the Bracelet

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Make a slip knot.Then pull it off. and your done. Hope y'all like it.


BeckyB1 (author)2014-08-09

My loom is different and I'm not very skilled so is there any easier way to make these??And if so could you give me the link please.Thanks!!

DoctorAubrey (author)2014-08-08

i made four! so cool!

Abigail02 (author)2014-07-28

Sooo cute!!

peach girl (author)Abigail022014-07-31


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