Introduction: Rainbow Pancakes

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Here is a simple and easy recipe for funny rainbow pancakes.
It's good idea for kids party, birthday party...'cos the kids just love them.

Step 1: Mixing

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For pancakes:
-2 eggs
-2 cups milk
-1/5 water
-2 cups flour (all purpose)
-1/4 sugar (one spoon)

Throw all together and mix.

Step 2: Mixing Colors and Frying

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You need food colors (I used powder food colors)!!
Then, divide mixture in small bowls one for each color and use the colors ('cos the pancakes are frying separately -one by one, I used one bowl where I mixed the color for that pancake...little bit a hurry but less dishes to wash :)).
Then fry them...

Step 3:

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When frying is over I put on some chocolate cream (something like Nutella :)
and arranged them...on many different ways :)



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