Step 5: Add the Elbows and Beads

Make a square of your 4 pipes using the 90 degree elbows.  Before you put the last one on add your beans, beads.

NOTE:  you really have to try coffee beans.  They make a nice sound, bu mostly they smell great in your instrument.  And I think coffee comes from places in the world that rain a lot, so it's poetic.
&quot;Except for one pole which has no corners and I use that for storage and another with two corners because I had one left over.&quot;<br><br>Wha?... Oooooh. Ahahhaahah.<br><br>That was meant to be confusing then funny right? Usually I can tell. Perhaps your wit is even drier than mine.
What I should have said was ; the pole with no corners is not superfluous, but rather important in it's difference, such as delineating it from the other non-unique poles, as those would have one more cap than those with nil. and of course another pole that would be more unique by having end caps, which are a necessary but optional storage device, for those inclined. So with the obvious exceptions which i need not list here, the piece is complete, except for the parts and piece not yet assembled.
My doubts are gone.
Nice!&nbsp; I wonder if you could use some flexible pipe or heat and bend PVC into a circle, add some &quot;spokes&quot; to a hub and an axle and just gently spin the whole contraption... <br />
Please check out the new additional variations at the end.
That drain tube was exactly what i was thinking!&nbsp; I wondered if the ridges would be enough for sound.&nbsp; Very cool.&nbsp; <br />
Note, the drain pipe needs rice, or some smaller particle noise maker inside.&nbsp; The beds and beans seem too heavy.&nbsp; But for the PVC version the rice won't make enough sound.
What about BB's?
Metal BB's maybe not, but Airsoft bbs might work.
That would seem like a great idea.<br /> <br /> Or maybe you could just connect all four corners (with two pieces of pipe, going through the diagonals of the squares), then maybe rig that up to a wheel, and then rig the wheel to a motor.
Please check out the new additional variations at the end.
At first look it sounds like you needed more &quot;rain&quot; inside the tubes. I think that if I built one (good job by the way) I would put a (pvc) &quot;T&quot; in the middle of 2 side pipes and connect them across,so you can hold it there and get a more consistent sound as you turn it. Don't know if they make a hub for 4 pipes you could put in the center, but that would be great too. Anyway, thanks for posting.
Oh great now I have new ideas to take back to the shop.&nbsp;:) I was also thinking of using 8-&nbsp;135 degree elbows and making and octogon.&nbsp;which would be more circleish.&nbsp; &nbsp;It's possible to bend the PVC, But I've never bent anything that big diameter.&nbsp; Although there are some thick flexible tubes out there.&nbsp;
And now I have.&nbsp; check out last two steps.
Brilliant!&nbsp;&nbsp; Looking at the last one, i was thinking you could mount it on a wheel for easy continuous turning,,, although that could be a bit too uniform,,, lack the organic nature of a person randomly turning it...&nbsp; <br />
I was using the last one and kind of swirling it around my head and thought that a dancer, maybe world music style, could use this.
If you're going with a circular design, why not just make rainsticks out of the spokes?<br />
You mean like a circle of 30 or 40 rainsticks that I turn and constantly have a rain sound....hmmm<br /> Or do you mean that the spokes go through to the outer diameter of the circle through the pipe and the beads hit the spokes...<br /> both interesting ideas.
I&nbsp;was thinking of the first, ie a circle of rainsticks.&nbsp; That would certainly be easier to construct than the second!<br /> <br /> <br />
check the end with new variations jsut added.

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