Introduction: Rainwater Dynamo

We made electricity from rainwater. You need:
a bicycle dynamo
a small plactic cotainer (yoghurt container)
8 plastic spoons
hot glue
duct tape
some wooden sticks and nails
a cone (we made it with a 3d-printer)

Step 1: Making the Waterwheel

Picture of Making the Waterwheel

Tape the dynamo to the top of a upside-down container. Then glue the plastic spoons to the head of the dynamo. So you get a whaterwheel. Example of a container on top.

Step 2: Making a Container for the Water

Make with the sticks a frame for the cone so it is suspended about 30 cm in the air. Then hit a nail trought the button in the upper half and not the center so it topples over when you fill the cone with watter.

Step 3: Placing the Things Next to Eachother

Picture of Placing the Things Next to Eachother

Place the cone in a place where a large amound of rainwater fals. Then place the waterwheel next to it and connect something to the dynamo.


DCA (author)2015-04-02

Nice idea. Did you actually make this? What about some pics? Without pics, it didn't happen.

jonathanp4 (author)DCA2015-04-10

It should be better now, sorry for the dutch talk in the video. I hope it doesn't matter too much.

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