Picture of Rainy Day DIY - Painted Antlers
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This morning, we woke up to rain.  Rain!  It was so lovely to see, I can't remember the last time it rained.  We had been planning some DIYs, and decided to put our blog writing on the back burner and be crafty today!  Rainy day crafts are the best, don't you think?  We ventured out to the store to buy some acrylic paints, then home, then back, because I forgot to pick up gold paint, and Judd knows how Jessa gets when she doesn't have just what she has in mind.  Haha!  What a great guy!  Before coming home, we trolled the alleyways of Tower Grove looking for some scrap wood.  Totally unrelated to the DIY project, but we had a blast, and found a great palate that actually fit in the trunk. And the dogs loved the car ride, so I thought I'd mention it! 

Finally we returned home, and sprawled everything out on the floor, turned on some Elvis (I LOVE me some EAP), and got down to business... I mean, TCB!!  Judd is a very clean painter... I, on the other hand....
dangerine1 year ago

LOL aren't all animal horns and skulls technically "used" since the original animal used them...Wonder what deems a "fresh" skull? LOVE your idea here.

Very cool.
Oh and just the other day I was at a local bulk food store here and in the back where the pet food was being sold, they had deer antlers! I was surprised to see them but I guess people buy these as a treat for their dogs. I guess parrots would like these too. Anyways they would probably be great for this project as well since sometimes deer antlers are kind of hard to come by unless you know of a hunter or something. :)
If stripes make you nervous, just use some 2 pieces of tape! Put one piece about where you want the lower edge to be, and the other above the upper edge. Then paint everything inbetween - that way your stripes will always be perfect :)
wow these are so cool!
This is a great project. They look so neat!
Great idea for a decoration!