Raise Bed Gardens





Introduction: Raise Bed Gardens

Using math, woodworking and my love for gardening I created a raise bed garden to grow my vegetables.

Step 1: Research, Gather Materials and Build

First I researched how much space the plants I wanted to grow needed. Then, from that, I decided what size to make the garden and what type of wood to get. Then I went to the store and bought the wood. When I got home from the store I drilled guiding holes in the wood and then put screws in to hold the garden bed together. Before I reated the big garden I prototype with the extra wood I got at the store to make sure the screws were the right size and that the bed would be sturdy.

Step 2: Layer Bottom With Paper Bags

I put a layer of paper bags at the bottom of the garden bed so the dirt can begin to start the composting process.

Step 3: Fill With Dirt

I used five bags of organic composting mix and a two bags of organic top soil.

Step 4: Plant

Finally I dug small holes to put the young plants in and then covered the roots with dirt.



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We just put some of these in the bottom of our greenhouse. I like the idea of using the paper bags :)