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A few years ago in college I took a metal working class. This tiny grill was my final project.  The whole thing is made from copper wire and raised copper sheets soldered and riveted together, then given a quick heat patina.  I made the handle not-to-scale to avoid it getting hot and burning my hand. I originally envisioned grilling small burgers on this guy, but found it much better for burning incense.  Hope you like it!


MaskMarvl (author)2012-12-07

Hahaha.. cool :) What happened when you tried to grill a burger?

elkhuntr (author)2012-05-28

nice...... wheres the instructable

ATTILAtheHUNgry (author)elkhuntr2012-06-20

Sadly I didn't take any photos of the building process. Really wish I had though.

elkhuntr (author)ATTILAtheHUNgry2012-07-24

then make another 1

ironsmiter (author)2012-01-02

incense huh... so it's NOT for keeping your coffee warm?

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