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Introduction: Raised Vegetable Bed

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This is just a brief guide on how I build raised vegetable beds. 
I use pressure treated exterior timber the uprights are 2"x2" and the sides are deck boards roughly 1"x6".
All held together with deck screw.

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    Perhaps the LAST material one should use for constructing raised vegetable beds is pressure treated lumber.

    Choose material that is not filled with chemicals that can harm, possibly kill, those who eat vegetables growing in soil to which those chemicals have leached.

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    Thanks for your concern but this way of thinking is a little out of date due to changes in the way and what chemicals are used in treated lumber. See this article for more information http://www.thesurvivalistblog.net/is-treated-lumber-safe-for-building-raised-bed-vegetable-gardens/

    As always its personal choice if you use treated wood or not.


    Glad to see people doing research on this point. I've seen a lot of comments about treated wood and planting. Wonder if the science is really settled around this issue or not...

    The trouble with science (and that's my day job) is one day it will say one thing and the next the other :)

    What did you use to stain the tips of the 2x2 stakes?

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    I used some left over fence stain that I had.