I  first got this idea from a older couple i know. I just wanted it bigger. My ground has a lot of clay in it so i built up my first garden about 10 inches off the ground.My parents are getting older so i thought i would make them a smaller one so they wouldn't have to bend over a lot . It sure is nice for weeding not having to bend over.Also you don't have to worry about getting a lot of rain at once because it will drain out the bottom rather than flooding your plants.
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Step 1: Cad drawing

 This is a cad drawing of  the garden i am making.

Step 2: Legs and outside frame

Picture of Legs and outside frame
I used (2) 2x8x12 
(2) 2x8x8
(4) 3 inch lags screws for each leg and made  the 8x12 frame.

Step 3: Installing the Joists

Picture of installing the Joists
I screwed and nailed (8) 2x8x8   16inch on center joists.

Step 4: Finished 4x4 legs

Picture of finished 4x4 legs
I cut 10  4x4 legs 36 inches long. Here i finished installing the rest of the support legs.

Step 5: Bed frame

Picture of Bed frame
 I screwed 14  1x6 deck boards  to make the floor of the garden.

Step 6: Bed preparation.

Picture of Bed preparation.
I then installed (2) 2x6x8 and (2) 2x8x12 to the inside of the 4x4 s for the above ground outside frame. Since i used pressure treated for the floor and sides i needed a barrier to separate the soil with the treated wood . So i double up 2 layers of 8mm plastic sheeting as my barrier between the soil and wood.

Step 7: Drainage holes

Picture of drainage holes
I purposely left a 3/4 of a inch gap between each deck board for drainage. I drilled 1/4 holes through the plastic every 4 inches.

Step 8: Filler up!

Picture of Filler up!
I bought (50) 1 cubic foot bags of topsoil to fill the box.

Step 9: All finished

Picture of All finished