I wanted to make a raised bed so me and my son could grow some veg at a level he could manage. 
knocked this up quite quickly but has the potential to be finished really nicely giving a really strong, stable structure.

It is predominantly made from two pallets. 

Step 1: Tools

Guess tools and materials are quite important.

materials - 2 pallets, maybe some extra planks of wood too.

screws and nails.

The obvious hammer, screwdriver/drill, staple gun. 
I used a circular saw to cut my pallet down to make it the same size.

I also used a mitre saw to cut the short fascia. 
Good idea. My yard is scattered with telephone company wood supplies from the previous owner "Beer-can Harry" (empties everywhere on the 7 3/4 acre property) who worked for the phone company. I think I can incorporate your idea to match my available scrap wood and I'll take some pictures to post when I'm done. Nay...Great Idea!!!
Very nicely done, and your timing is perfect! <br>(Now if I can just figure out how to get those pallets home)

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Bio: I like to make things from old pallets.
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