Raised Garden Bed Design and Demo





Introduction: Raised Garden Bed Design and Demo

This video shows my formal home garden area using a lot of fun principles of raised garden beds, medicine wheels, rain catchment and polyculture plantings. This is the first year for the gardens and already they are making some great food!



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    Nice video & garden.
    It's now two years on, how about an update? (I didn't search so sorry if you did one).
    I realise it is getting on to winter over there (28 degrees C here downunder) so maybe you could look to a spring special?
    What worked, what struggled etc.


    This is so beautiful you have a really cool garden spot going on.

    Kudos and praise to you lazlow69. As a gardener, I appreciate your work, art and passion!  Well done and thanks for posting! Cman

     I am not finished with it yet but we got the fence put up. Still working on the gate. I am going to make raised beds. That is cool.

    Pretty beds and nice plan! Where do you live? The reason I ask is that the plants look like early summer growth, but the leaves are so well developed on the squash that it looks a little later. I live in N. Little Rock, AR but have friends and relatives in the northern area of the state where, in some of the micro climes, the food crop development looks similar depending on when they got their stuff in. Here in the central part of AR things are poppin' and slingin fruit everywhere. Your little corner of paradise looks like it's fixin to take off. Nice job. Maybe you should use the toilet for its intended purpose and drain it to a lagoon containing cattails and duck weed? Have fun.

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    Hey there pedal monkey... I am in the finger lakes area of NY state...
    http://tinyurl.com/ljab4c (google map of the area if you are interested)

    We are zone 5b here, although I'd say it's really zone 6, last frost date normally around May 15th...

    I'm thinking the toilet will be set to annual crops of squash once it's gotten a solid cleaning with some dr. bronners with tea tree soap. I was thinking strawberries but I don't know how well it would over winter exposed to the air so much.

    Hope you haev a great growing season!

    Thank you for walk us through your garden, were did you get the plants and trees? Some are small so I would guess you started with seed? The plants don't have markings do you know them from sight? How long did it take you to space out the bedding and fence area?

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    A lot of the plants in the garden came from seed I either bought, collected from friends, or got for free from the local Cooperative extension. I try to teach myself identification of plants as I go so none are labeled and I remember most :), some sneak through as anonymous at the end of the year though! The planting space evolved over time as I built more and more beds, then the fence plan came in afterwards, it was a project I chipped away at throughout the fall and winter. Thanks for your comments/questions