There are a lot of recipes for french toast on instructables. Many say to add cinnamon and or other things. This one is different in that the bread already has all the cinnamon and raisins and other good stuff in it so its faster to make and, as a fun by product, it also tastes really good.

Step 1: The Ingredients

I use Sun Maid raisin bread. It's got a lot of raisins and cinnamon already in it. Its a coarse bread and takes the egg mix really well.

The other ingredients  are eggs and a small amount of milk.

I takes about one egg for ever 2 slices of bread so if you want to make a dozen slices it will take 6 eggs.

Crack and mix the eggs in a bowl that is wide enough to allow you to dip the bread. Add about a cup of milk.
<p>I cut some in half to make french toast &quot;sticks&quot; for my grandson. Multigrain bread is also very nice. </p>
Yours looks even better with that bread.<br><br>I usually use regular bread for this recipe and top it with canned fruits and some yogurt.
I have to say that this is quite good. Never thought to use raisin bread.<br>Take care and good luck

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