simple instructions on how to make a happy habitat for cockroaches to thrive. Taking a look around my kitchen, it seems that a lack of work is involved in this task. This is pretty much true. But in case anyone wants to be sure of how to make a good habitat, this is how.

Step 1: Get Cockoaches

Get Cockroaches.

I put this step first because if you're going to order roaches you should do that before you make the habitat, so that by the time you're done, the roaches will arrive.

If you're going to catch roaches yourself, build the habitat before hand.

How to get roaches:

A) catch cockroaches that you find running (at work, at home, street, etc). They can be found in abundance in dark, damp areas: They need access to water and they like the dark. To catch them put moist food in your sink, turn off all lights, Wait near your sink with a plastic cup. Turn on the lights (or use a headlamp) and slap the cup on top of any cockroaches you find chowing down in your sink. Slide a piece of paper benieth the edge of the cup to trap the roach. Transport the roach to a container. It's best to collect them in a container which is already prepaired to raise them (see rest of instructable), because otherwise it will be hard to transfer all of them to a new container without losing some.


B) buy cockroaches (almosy any species) from Roachman Willis:
You send him a check, he sends you the cockroaches. He is very expedient, very helpful is you email him questions, and a pleasure to do business with. He's also the cheapest source of cockroaches anywhere. If you buy from a scientific biological supply company they cockroaches will be more than twice the price. One advantage of the latter is that you will be sure to get all fully grown roaches. But they will send the exact amount you ordered and some will probably die in shipment. Meanwhile Mr. Willis will send more than you ordered (to ensure you end up with as many as you ordered if not more). Also if you really need adults, you could probably specify this to Mr. Willis and he will oblige as best as possible.

The chick picture is one that came up on google images when I typed in 'catch roach', there weren't any better pictures.

Why would you want to raise cockroaches? What do you do with them?
<p>You can use it for neuroscience experiments. See backyard brains experiemnts</p>
Reptiles and Birds love to eat them.
What's the bestway to kill them?
But why?
Shuriken targets.
or airsoft :D
Or putting a copy of your DNA into them, then making a freezer that will keep them frozen but alive until a nuclear blast. They wold survive and then start following the DNA's instructions and trun into you!!!
you do know they cant surrive a nucelar blast they are resint to radtion but not a blast
CRAZY&nbsp;IMAGINATION&nbsp;BOWMASTER. I&nbsp;doubt that will happen. Atleast not in my time. <br />
Oh, I already did it. I also uploaded all of my memories and my personality onto a near indestructible hard drive and left a note to future me what to do.<br />
they're very affectionate. Also you can do experiments on them:<br/><br/><a href="http://www.instructables.com/id/EOK8P9AMGZEP286R07/">http://www.instructables.com/id/EOK8P9AMGZEP286R07/</a><br/><br/>
Happy cucarachas :D
My cat thinks they're yummy. Bite sized treats.
Really? The only reason I think you would do this is because you are very careful about living things. Also for maybe a science class for disection. I don't know. Thats kinda crazy breeding cockroaches unless your a scienctist. <br />
It's about time roaches were loved a little more than they are. Seriously these chaps can survive anything, even - God forbid - a nuclear holocaust, roaches and shopping trolleys will be the only thing left!
What about a ninja holocaust? I have proven that these little buggers (Lolz. Iz Punny) can't survive a rain of poisoned shuriken.
Hi there, nice experiment. I've done it with crickets to feed my scorpions :) Just a comment, in spite of how gross they are, most insects are a very good source of food. Ya, disusting but they're much more better source that red meat, chicken and fish. They're a lot more cheaper to raise, breed faster, eat cheaper food (garbage), they need little space to grow and a lot less of pollution in CO2 and CH4 gases. On the other hand, they ARE dirty, that's why a "healthy" food for these insects such as cardboard or paper will prevent diseases transmission. So, for all green ecologists there's a way to replace meat! First of all: vegetables! and if you dare.. take some roaches or crickets... no transgenics! lol
I use them as shuriken targets.
I read that as "ROASTING Cockroaches." I think it's time for bed now...
if anyone tells you that cockroaches are clean, they're lying. There's this myth going around that cockroaches are surprisingly clean - but it's a lie!! I checked it out for myself, just to prove the people at work wrong. See, I'm on to them. What? Oh yeah... excellent instructable, a nice, unique contribution.
yeah uhm the website you gave doesnt sell them anymore
Here is Roachman's new address<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.angelfire.com/wy/roaches/">http://www.angelfire.com/wy/roaches/</a><br/><br/>Here you will find information on various species.<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.angelfire.com/oh2/Roaches/">http://www.angelfire.com/oh2/Roaches/</a><br/>
your still useing IE!!! gasp... <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.mozilla.com/firefox/">http://www.mozilla.com/firefox/</a> <br/>
What is this mythical I.E. you speak of ?
internet expoler
and? you use microsoft windows still??
one step at a time. ;)
you can just feed them on empty egg cartons also, that is how i grow my crickets for my geckos lunch
I had a similar but biger set up with my crickets, but mold eventually took over and fruit fly's began to grow, how are you planing to avoid that?trust me it gets to smelly to keep if your growing more than just one type of insect. Are these guys for food?
Any methods of getting rid of them?
well since the captive cockroaches emit pheromones which attract wild cockroaches, just put your raid traps all around your captive cockroach enclosure.
This seems like an interesting experiment, but in all honesty, I don't see myself ever doing it. I've read that roaches have a particular smell that most people hate, don't you have problems with this?
I don't smell them at all with the cover on. When you open the cover, You can definately smell them.
Hey! This is what I've been looking for for quite a while.. Although I'm rather worried. Don't the roaches fly out? What happens when there are too many?
I think they might eat each other if there is over crowding. I put a porous top on the container, so the roaches can't fly out. When I remove the top for feeding/watering they don't fly out, but if I were to leave the cover off all the time, some of them might fly out.
While I applaud your passion, I just don't see myself keeping a box of rotting food and roaches around. Though I do have some questions re: raising them: Do they breed in captivity? Do you have to do anything special to induce breeding (i.e. humidity, temp., lighting, etc...)? How quickly will they eat through what you feed them? How do they interact with one another? Have you had any escape?
They do breed and grow up very well in captivity. I have many full grown adults now, I used to have only one adult. don't have to induce breeding they take care of that themselves. However, if you want them to grow up faster put them in a warm area. They eat the stuff surprisingly fast, I'm not sure how many are in there, but seems like a lot. They like to drag the food under the newpaper too. they interact with pheremones and antennae (http://observer.guardian.co.uk/world/story/0<sub>1805332,00.html). None have escaped because they generally don't like to fly, and I make sure none have gotten past the vaseline before I take the cover off. </sub><br/>
oh, one other thing, since they emit pheremones, the cockroach habitat tends to attract wild cockroaches. I've killed some I've found hanging around the habitat, but I captured one and dropped him in to itnroduce wild genes into the group. I keep these buggers at work, although I had a bunch of them in my room in college cause that's when I first did the cockroach control backpack experiments.
i dont think my mom would apreciate this to much but still very cool

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