Hatching and Raising Quails Organically With a Mother Hen - La Basse-cour Bio - Les Cailles





Introduction: Hatching and Raising Quails Organically With a Mother Hen - La Basse-cour Bio - Les Cailles

About: I am passionate about organic farming and food. We have a small homestead or rather a forest garden with rare breed poultry, fantail pigeons and quail. It is situated near one of the most famous French touri...

I began raising organic quail ten years ago to obtain quality eggs with which to treat Andy's hay fever and eczema, which they did and very quickly. I still keep quail today, they are part of our garden, living in our greenhouses and coldframes keeping down insect pests, just enjoying life and laying delicious eggs. This is the first part of a two part film taking you through the first few days of life of the baby quail with their mother bantam Ardenner, Polly, sharing information I have gleaned over the decade I have been observing these delightful birds.
For even more information and with more photographs: http://holistic-hen.blogspot.fr/2012/03/getting-started-with-organic-coturnix.html
J'ai commencé l'élevage de caille bio il ya dix ans pour obtenir des œufs de qualité pour traiter le rhume des foins de mon mari Andy, ce qu'ils ont fait et très rapidement. J'ai toujours des cailles aujourd'hui, ils font partie de notre jardin, vivent dans nos serres mangent les nuisibles, profitent de la vie et pondent des oeufs délicieux. Il s'agit de la première partie d'un film concernant les premiers jours de la vie de les petites caille et leur mère poule naine Ardennaise Polly, partageant d'informations que j'ai recueillies au cours de la décennie j'observais ces oiseaux charmants.



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    There's a bantam egg. :)

    Nice video! Is there are reason you had the chicken raise the chicks rather than an adult quail?

    1 reply

    Thank you for your comment, much appreciated. Yes, Im afraid quail here have lost the ability to go broody or even make nests. However, it is my intention to try and create an environment, where they will start to do that. I did have one of my last year's baby quail actually make a nest and lay several eggs in it so I am hoping this will eventually happen. In a few days I am getting some bob white quail eggs and I believe these are more likely to sit.
    Best Wishes, Pavlovafowl aka Sue