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"Rake-let" is a low-tech piece of furniture made from just one wood pallet, that does not waste any part of the pallet during its construction process.

When full assembled it can be used as a exterior or interior bench, allowing to seat 2 persons on it.

The idea of reusing wood pallets into furniture is not new but in this case the concept adopted result into a unique piece of furniture with 100% ecologic dna.

You can download the more complete and free pdf file for the construction from the site

Step 1: Material

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- 1 wood pallet (1mx1m)

- 4 wheels (5cm)

- screws (different sizes)

- saw

- screwdriver

- crowbar (for some wood detach)

Step 2: Basic Diagram

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Explanation on which parts to disassemble and which to cut of till the final object

Step 3: Front View

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Step 4: Side View

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The back reminding a rake shape are a bit flexible when lean against it

Step 5: Front Prespective

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Step 6: Back Prespective

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DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-10-02

Great design. If you build it, you should definitely post pictures.

Thank you for your comment. There are pictures in the next steps. If you build one please share it too. All the best

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