Well I've always wanted to check out how these pumps work, so I brought up your website, and now I have one.  I now can't wait for the snow to melt so I can install it at my pond.  I followed your directions and substituted brass spring check and flapper valves.  I made a base out of some stainless pipe I had behind the barn.

I still haven't glued the pressure chamber because I've seen different air bladders used.  Any suggestions?

It's been fun to build for only about $150.00 with the supply pipe (1 1/4" PVC 40)

Thanks a bunch for your information,

<p>For air bladder use small bicycle or scooter tire, or pool noodle floatee</p>
Can you include a link to the original instructable? Or an explanation of what this pump is used for? It looks cool.
Thanks again habolooby for all the information on the hydraulic ram pump.&nbsp; bigbill101

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