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Introduction: Ram Pump

Well I've always wanted to check out how these pumps work, so I brought up your website, and now I have one.  I now can't wait for the snow to melt so I can install it at my pond.  I followed your directions and substituted brass spring check and flapper valves.  I made a base out of some stainless pipe I had behind the barn.

I still haven't glued the pressure chamber because I've seen different air bladders used.  Any suggestions?

It's been fun to build for only about $150.00 with the supply pipe (1 1/4" PVC 40)

Thanks a bunch for your information,




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For air bladder use small bicycle or scooter tire, or pool noodle floatee

Can you include a link to the original instructable? Or an explanation of what this pump is used for? It looks cool.

Thanks again habolooby for all the information on the hydraulic ram pump.  bigbill101