Ram/Pcboard Keychain





Introduction: Ram/Pcboard Keychain

This is a key chain made of ram. In the thinkgeek catalog they had one for like 20 bucks. When you add shipping, its pretty steep for a keychain. And it doesn't even work. The one we are making can still work. Very cheap,easy and a perfect last minute gift.Kids are facinated by them.

Step 1: Get Materials

Here they are:
1 Drill (optional)
1 Old Piece Of RAM
1 Key Ring
1 1/8 in. Drill Bit Or Bigger (optional)

Step 2: Building

Find your RAM. If it has holes on the ends take key ring and put through the holes. You're done. If you want the optional part go to the next step.

Step 3: Optional

Find one of the black chips near the top of the ram. Drill a hole with drill bit and drill. I'm giving 1 to my dad and 1 to my mom.



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    He and I are both 12. I don't think we really care whether you can repair our stove or not. We are just in it for the fun of it.

    Oddly enough these ram sticks are pretty good at cutting open boxes, probably could do for a sharpening then I wonder what it's capable of and how sharp it would stay.

    Here is one i made for my girlfriend as a birthday gift. I drilled two holes, bent up a paper clip then soldered the paper clip ends together so they wouldn't catch or come undone.

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    I'm amazed people like us that would do this type of thing can actually get a girlfriend!

    I gave this a go too. To be fair, I think you could make these out of pretty much any part of a motherboard. Another suggestion I keep hearing from girls is the same thing but turned into earrings which is almost exactly the same process.


    Essentially...it's a funky cyberpunk gift. No function other than being able to say "Oh, there are my keys."

    haha no problem amnesiac :P

    I build and repair computers, thanks for asking.

    you claim knowledge on computing and static electricity, but you don't know that RAM is volatile and can't be used like a USB stick?

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    I understand it doesn't work like a usb stick! It is simply a geeky keychain! Its like the computer chip fridge magnets somewhere on here. They're not meant to still be used. You really thought this was supposed to be usable ram? wow

    I don't intend to use my 256mb stick WHICH HAS BEEN CUT IN HALF and raped with static in my computer with 4GB of faster ram. Wow. flynmad said if you knew how to wire it for USB use, the modules don't work the same way AS THEY'RE volatile.

    I made one, but I didn't like how big it is on my keychain, so I cut my stick in half. Still looks cool and is a lot easier to handle.

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    good idea, SODIMM is better but we don't all have old laptops with it.

    I did that as a gift to my ex girlrfriend some about 10 years ago!!!

    yeah you said "The one we are making can still work" well as soon as you touch it you done fried it, hate to tell you that lol.

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    this is a keychain, not a usable ram, of course drilling would kill the chips, i'm 12 years old and i figured that out myself

    Guess i got better things to do after finish eating.