This is a quick FYI post to let people know about the many uses for an unused spice pack from a pack of Ramen Noodles.  They kick around in a draw, you have some in a bag, or they lay to waste on a shelf.  Well I say: NO MORE!
  Last night this came to me while I was eating broccoli I had steamed.  This delicious creation had the water seasoned with a chicken ramen seasoning pack.  It boils down to this (no pun intended), any place you are boiling or steaming and need salt, you can use a seasoning pack.  I regularly use the for rice, pasta, beans, broccoli, cauliflower, and even grits (instructables.com/id/Kiss-My-Chicken-Grits/).

  I've been doing this for years and hope you can get some use out of this info. Thanks
<p>I also use them when fixing eggs . I sprinkle a little in the pan with a small amount of butter. then add the eggs and prepare as normal , omitting salt. Very tasty!</p>
That sounds delicious.
I tossed one in on 3 packs of instant grits the other day....... Not bad at all.
<p>I love making ramen noodles</p>
who doesn't use the packets?<br>
You may have to PM <span class="comment-author"><a class="author-link pro" href="https://www.instructables.com/member/Penolopy+Bulnick/" rel="nofollow">Penolopy Bulnick</a></span> to see if she accepts a green shift<em><strong> :-)</strong></em>
So, I cook up three packets and only use one seasoning packet; <ul> <li> Mix a bit of olive oil to keep the boiling foam down. <li> Mix in several hot dogs sliced into circles and boil together <li> Drain and keep a cup of the liquid <li> Brown a&nbsp; 1/3 stick of butter <li> Mix drained noodles and boiled hot dog slices with butter in pan <li> Sprinkle and stir garlic powder to taste <li> Add ketchup again to taste <li> Over low heat pour the cup of previously collected boil juice and mix gently <li> When the mixture is absorbed it is ready <li> Serve&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot; <em><strong>Daddy's Spaghetti</strong></em>&nbsp; &quot; to grand children and even some adults when camping in the wilds of Nevada's huge empty spaces<strong><em> :-)</em></strong> <li> Plus you have two unused seasoning packets for other applications <strong>!</strong> </ul> A
Thats a gret dish &quot;daddy&quot;. I thought you had more skills than just hanging pots and pans in the kitchen. lol
They also make a workable (beef/chicken/vegetable)broth substitute. <br>Add a packet to a cup of hot water, and instant broth. <br>MUCH cheaper than running to the store and buying the cubes. <br>Not quality broth for sure, but if you have piles of ramen spice packets laying around... you ATE THE RAMEN. You can't be THAT picky :-) <br> <br> <br>My final use is... well, in college, we used to go through a LOT of ramen, and we had a pretzel jar re purposed to save the spare packets. Every once in a while, we'd do salt-crusted steaks using the packets. talk about flavorful and juicy.
Meat marinade. Nice! Thanks

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