Picture of Ramona Flowers Lamp.
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Hello fellow makers. I am a Design Technology teacher and this Instructable has been submitted on behalf of one of the students from my school. A very talented designer and maker by the name of Izzy. She was 14 years old when she started the lighting project as part of her studies. Everything contained here is in her own words, her images and her own making skills. (ok, a little help from her teachers from time to time)
In our curriculum, we follow a design cycle to complete design and make projects. I have included the planing and creating elements of her design folio only. 
I think instructables is a great forum for young designers, builders, hackers and student makers of all kinds to showcase their achievements!
Please do keep in mind the audience when commenting.

" I guess that's my problem - I'm always trying to beat the clock, outrun the universe... Like nothing can change me, as long as I change first"
— Ramona

Ramona Flowers is a character from the Scott Pilgrim series of graphic novels, animations and a movie created by the very talented Canadian cartoonist Bryan Lee O'Malley. I do hope Mr O'Malley sees this little project for what it is, an homage by a teenage fan, and that he appreciates the effort. 
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Step 1: Design

Picture of Design
Picture 22.png

sabu.dawdy2 years ago
spaceman8742 years ago
i fail to see why the girl would be shy about this, that she is able to design and make this (even with a little help) says that she has great potential and that she shouldn't be shy about it all. congrats
MattCP (author)  spaceman8742 years ago
Thanks for the comment. You are 100% right!
TynaRyans2 years ago
Completely amazing D: Bryan Lee O'Malley would be proud :D
PS. Wanna try make it!
PS. Wanna try make it!
violetsweet2 years ago
KwL... awsome
16chongas12 years ago
really cool, and creative !!!
Dylansy002 years ago
Wow very cool, its just sooo beast.
15hinei12 years ago
awesome this i a rlly cool peice of art
Spike King2 years ago
Wow it very cool
josephhello2 years ago
Very creative and hard working, this deserves the to win the contest
bebee1232 years ago
Very good design!
samarhello2 years ago
A very interesting and creative project! It would be pretty amazing even if it was made by an adult.
this is so helpfull
ewminhk2 years ago
Wow this is amazing!!! I am really inspired by this!
blob3102 years ago
I lovveeee it!
Good Job
cyrus.tse2 years ago
This is an awesome design, keep it up. :D :)
DJLOL2 years ago
Windowisher2 years ago
This is inspirational. Just simply amazing. I am in lesbians with it. HARHARHAR
theperson12 years ago
OMG that is sooo cool I have never seen anything like this. I think this should win the contest
Brian Lau2 years ago
how to vote????
MattCP (author)  Brian Lau2 years ago
Top right hand corner I think...
Thanks for the vote!
action pig2 years ago
Very cool!
straw18802 years ago
Izzy is just simply amazing at making creative things like this. I was in her class when we did this project (and also happens to be her client at the same time) and the whole time I was just mind-blown with everything she did :)
I've seen the physical product myself, and its even better than the already amazing pictures.

By the way MrP, urm she was almost 15 when we started the project, just saying :)
MattCP (author)  straw18802 years ago
I stand corrected!
MattCP (author) 2 years ago
Thanks Scoochmaroo & Jessyratfink!
The Maker is a great kid, if a little shy, and I know that being 'featured' on Instructables will make her day. Cheers...
That's amazing! Very well thought out and the finished piece is fantastic. :D
scoochmaroo2 years ago
Gorgeous! What a work of art. I love it. Thank you so much for sharing this!