Hi. I didn't have lot picts while building this robot 2003, but some i found i will share here

About Ramses: The robot chassis based on a caterpillar rc toy. I replaced the DC motors for the tracks with 2 continuous rotating servos (search for servo hack) . 2 LDR resistors mounted on a 90° servo enables find bright or dark places. The Sharp analog distance sensor could measures distances. In case of a error with the sharp or/and my sketch 4 analog inputs (see: https://www.instructables.com/id/2Way-collision-det) detect 8 collision possibilities around the robot. A microphone was lissen to handclaps and set different behaviors for the robot. The software was written in Basic and compiled for the c-control uC (this was in my 'pre arduino times'). The ultrasonic range stuff never worked. ;-)

Sadly, a fire destroy ramses and most of my other work

<p>Neat robot, so sorry about the fire. Thanks for sharing!</p>

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