Random Car for TNKIT




Introduction: Random Car for TNKIT

About: http://soundcloud.com/noiseknob/ajleece-noiseknob-n-d-e

[enter description here]

Also, here is an image of Angus Young. :p



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    Well. I had a way better entry, but I ran out of will power because it was too big.

    Yeah. I know. But you gave your entry maximum effort. This was literally thrown together in 5 mins.

    No I didn't. If I gave maximum effort, I would have used all my knex. I barely used half.

    I think you should make a gibson SG replica so you can pretend to be angus young :P I think that the Angus Young you made is much better than the car LOL.

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    I have made an SG replica out of knex. Have a look on KI. It even had a real pickup in it. ;p