Here is a random experiment I did. I figure, it's not worth an instructable so I decided it's so easy and short why not post it here? All it is is a few steps and boom- you're done!
So here you are just follow the pictures and watch the 5 or so second video and then go do it yourself. The video: http://s707.photobucket.com/albums/ww76/shadowninja31/?action=view&current=100_4385.flv
Whats the lay out of the experiment ?
That's pretty cool. I wonder if there's a way that I can adapt this to acrylic painting.<br />
I'm not sure that it would work with acrylic paints, but I'm pretty sure it would work with water colors.&nbsp; Just use a pan large enough, and then lay your paper down on top.&nbsp; I don't know, but it could be fun to try!<br />
I dunno. I don't paint really so maybe you could try it I'm not sure. I haven't experimented with larger sheets / bowls to see if I&nbsp;can get it to spread out more.<br />
whats it spota be in the end?
What's a what? spota? You are confusing me....
what is it sopse to be in the and
"If it's what it's supposed to be, then I dunno just do it when you want to." ~ Me
Nice pics. but in the slide-show it doesn't seem in the correct order.
I'll reorder them you are right.

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