New post, an assault rifle based on the Chinese Assault Rifle from Fallout 3. Doesn't look too much like it though:
- Stock is way off
- Front part is looks off
- It just looks off
- The receiver looks a bit like the 'real' one

Anyway, features standard model stuff:
- Moving trigger
- Removable magazines
- Moving charging handle

I hope you like it, even though it doesn't look like the gun it's based off

- Front / exposed barrel = The Dunkis, from his bullpup model.
Very cool
<p>To me, it looks like a combo of an AK-12, Mp5, and an Stg44</p>
nice! Pic 2 looks like a modded AK rifle. just saying
Thanks :) <br>The gun in the game indeed looks AK-ish. The body is obviously AK, front handle is RPD style, don't know about the rest :p
Cool =D
Thanks :)
Nice, I like it =)
Thanks :)
Yep =)
Sweet! <br>
Thank you :)
Its better than you give it credit for! Nice work!
It actually looks pretty nice. =D
Thanks. <br>I should knex more, to get back into the habit (to say it like that), this isn't that great. <br>Again, thank you :)
You are very much welcome. =D
It looks rather sturdy and good! Good job! ;)
Well, the stock isn't sturdy though ;p <br>Thanks too :)
Your welcome, and thanks for my 500th comment! =D
Bedankt :D
I like it
Looks good!

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