Simple game that generates random numbers for you to guess, have sound, I used the PIC16F628


I used the compiler PIC C Compiler and Proteus to simulate, the files are attached along with a video project working
i have slightly modified the code, because when you press - when 0 it displays 255, which is a int , and when you pressed + it display 11, 12, 13 and so on.. you have to include an if then... see the code.. : <br> <br> while(input(PIN_A2)==1){ <br> lcd_gotoxy(14,1); <br> printf(lcd_putc,&quot;%U &quot;, xute); <br> <br> <br> if(input(PIN_A0)==0){ <br> <br> if (xute &lt; (nivel*10)){ <br> if (xute &gt;= 1){ <br> xute++; <br> delay_ms(250); <br> } <br> } <br> } <br> else <br> if(input(PIN_A1)==0){ <br> if (xute &lt;= (nivel*10)) { <br> if (xute &gt; 1){ <br> xute--; <br> delay_ms(250); <br> } <br> } <br> } <br> }
it would be great to make this project.. but i need the schematic can you please email me : nodoubtman@hotmail.com<br><br>thank you so much! :)<br>marC:)
do you have the schematic please?<br><br>thank you!<br>marC:)
sorry, missed it, I uploaded
Good :)

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