Step 5: Let's Finish!

Solder the headers terminal and the output wires and commence testing. (make sure you screw in the potentiometer.)
Hi...I'm doin a project on Arduino drums..I added the drum kit samples in my uno..and played whenever piezo sensor reaches the maximum value..I.e <br>if ( piezo read &gt; 80) <br>startPlayback();<br><br>for each sensor I assigned respective samples.<br><br>now the problm is.i m not able to play 2 samples simultaneously..means..wen I hit kick and hats same time...it doesn't workin...<br><br>I'm not using DAC ..playin digital signal directly ..used pcm library<br><br><br><br>please help soon as possible
<p>Hello, doing two things at the same time on any processor is usually a problem, especially on microcontrollers like the Arduino. While I can't diagnose the exact problem without seeing the actual source code, I would imagine that the problem is that the Arduino sequentially loops through the program waiting for a piezo hit, and when it detects one, it breaks the loop to play the sound that was hit. In that case, the Arduino is no longer checking for other hits, which is why two sounds can't be played simultaneously. There are a few ways to fix this problem: although inefficient, a hardware solution would be to make each sound its own Arduino; a different solution would be to fiddle with the code to see if it can also check for double piezo hits. While I can help with the problem, I currently have limited access to a computer (on vacation for the next two weeks), so it might take a while before I can look in depth into any programming heavy problems.</p>
Why is hat and crash the same?
I don`t understand what the Pot is for. What does it do?
It is used for speed control. The drum sounds slow down/speed up as you turn the pot.
Nice! What resistance is the pot?
It can be any value you want...I used 1Megaohm but 10K, 5K 100K and most other values will work.
Let's hear what it sounds like!
I guess I was too lazy to shoot a video...Better get started...will get back soon.

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