This is making of the RangePower ECS-10.

Step 1: Materials

You Need a Demolisher 2-in-1,

Step 2:

All Retaliator XD attachments, (Except assault grip)

Step 3:

UKArms Laser, (Optional)

Step 4: And Lastly,

Super Glue. (E6000 works best [optional] here)

Step 5: Step 1

Remove the stock. You will need the space for the alternate stock.

Step 6: Step 2

Take your Retaliator XD parts (yes, has to be Elite XD for this to work) and attach them.

Step 7: Step 3 (Optional)

Place the laser on the side tactical rails, then, glue it on.

Step 8: Done

You're done!

Doesn't the barrel extension stop you from using the grenade launcher?
just to let you know there are no diffrences between the xd barrel extention and the standard one from a retaliator. but awsome idea for the laser pointer
But... The barrel decreases range.
<p>Congratulations on your first instructable! I'm excited to see what else you come up with! </p>

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