Ranger Bands (Rubber Bands on Steroids)
         These are basically really strong wide rubber bands that are nice for what ever you can think of. I use mine to help bundle some 550 cord that was previously tangled.

Step 1: Gather Materials

- Inner tube (I recycled an old popped bicycle inner tube)
- Scissors (a knife would work too)
- Ruler (optional)
- Something to use it on (550 cord in my case)

Step 2: Cutting

All you need to do now is cut it to your desired length. 

There is a powder on the inside and i washed it out with warm water and soap.

Step 3: Apply to Chosen Use

Do what you wish with them. Have fun!
I love your idea and I will make a lot of them real soon
<p>These are the best things. I get web gear and pouches with elastic fabric &quot;keeper&quot; straps. I cut 'em off and replace with homemade ranger bands. Cheap, effective and intensely easy to make.</p>
I like recycling bicycle tubes for tie down straps and handlebar tape. I have found that soaking the rubber pieces overnight in a strong solution of Pine Sol and hot water, gets all the grease and chalk off of them.

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