Picture of Rangoli An Indian art
As most of you guys are celebrating the Halloween, we in India are celebrating our most awaited festival Diwali. As a part of the celebration each house has a beautiful design in front of the main door. It is called as rangoli and made out of a type of sand which can be colored or white!
Here is a simple dot rangoli pattern i made for this diwali....
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Step 1: Preparations

Picture of Preparations
Since there is not much room in front of my door i used a board to make the rangoli. you can directly do it on the floor. the board is made of a ply which is covered with a metal sheet from top.
the second image you see is of a stone named "geru" it is available in indian markets. it is used to color the background and make it even. this gives a nice get up to your rangoli. what you can use as substitute is simple oil paint!
i coated the board with the red color twice to give even finish and waited till it completely dies out.

Step 2: Dots

Picture of dots
after the board is dried completely i made dots by using the doted paper. such papers are also available here but can also easily be made at home!
i used 15 rows and 15 colums of dots for this design.

Step 3: Pattern

Picture of pattern
there are lots of patterns available over the internet. this is what i used. one you decide the pattern, use can start drawing the rangoli. this requires a small amount of skill and one can easily master it with some practice!

Step 4: Colors

Picture of colors
Once the design is complete you can start filling it with colors as we color a drawing.
finally i added some glitter powder over it.

Step 5: With all the lights

Picture of with all the lights
this is how it looked with the lights..........
scoochmaroo3 years ago
Lovely! Looking forward to more Diwali Instructables!
apurva naik (author)  scoochmaroo3 years ago
thank you so much!
ChrysN3 years ago