Introduction: Rapid Fire Hack

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this is a trick good when you are trapped in a corner with almost no ammo AND ONE DART IN YOUR MAG
Every picture s it first person view just to tell you.
(this is my first instuctable so plz comment)

Step 1: Stuff Your Gun

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let's say you have ammo but don't have time to load it into the mag
stuff as many darts into the barrel possible (be sure to have chambered a dart before)

Step 2: Wait

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wait for your enemy

Step 3: FIRE!!

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now fire! the range and amount of darts you can stuff may vary

Step 4: Tips and Hints

the long shot without the front gun can hold 3 darts(by stuffing) 2 more with the front gun
the recon 3 with barrel (it doesn't work without the barrel)
 longsrtike 2 without barrel and 5-6 with
th eaverage range is 9 to 14ft


SamanthaK34 (author)2016-06-27


billyjoeface (author)2012-04-23

This works great shot my friend 7 times in the head with this. I was in a tree.

I used my modded recon with the "UNLEASHED PERFORMANCE STAGE 2 KIT FOR NERF RECON" kit. And an extended barrel.

The recon isn't the best gun for this, because of its shortness but it works.

Thanks, could you tell me which blaster you used? I can give you some tips.

tacozcank1ll (author)2012-01-02

PLZ Comment, I need constructive critism

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