Parts required (Hardware)


  1. Arduino Uno Board (1)
  2. TQFP 32 to DIP 28 Adapter (1) Link
  3. Atmega TQFP 32 pin chip (1)
  4. Atmega DIP 28 pin chip (1)
  5. 10K resistor (1)
  6. 16MHz crystal (1)
  7. 18pf - 22pf capacitor (2)
  8. Tact Switch (1)
  9. Jumper wires (few)
  10. LED (1)
  11. 560 Ohm resistor (1)
  12. 10uF electrolytic cap (optional)
  13. Breadboard (1)
  14. Arduino Pins (2x6 pins, 2x8 pin socket)
  15. ZIF socket 28 pin (1)


Software pre-requisites : Arduino software installed

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Step 1: Burn Arduino ISP to Arduino board

Connect Arduino Uno board to your computer. Start Arduino program and from examples choose "ArduinoISP" sketch and upload it to "Arduino Uno" board. Please make sure you select the correct board name and serial port. Now this board is ready to program new Atmega-328 chips on the breadboard as shown in the next step.

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