We had heard about a certain contest, and decided to come up with an entry. After a couple failed ideas, I got the urge to play through Bioshock again. Then I suggested: Why not build a model of rapture in a fish tank? Thats pretty awesome. And so here this thing is.
The main theme of this project is "What Is Cheap Or Free Or We Have Lying Around". Most likely, its going to be tough to find some of the materials we used, but hey, necessity is the mother of invention, right? And every tank would be unique! Yay unique!

The format for this is how we did it. There may very well have been easier ways to do this (a 3D Printer would have made it WAY easier) but this is what we did to get the final product. Suggestions for improvements are welcome!

Step 1: Materials

What we used:
Broken Acrylic Fish tank (Missing lid and back panel)
Acrylic panel (Given to us)
White Sand (From Ace)
Wood (Maple Door Jam and Plywood, that we had laying around) for Buildings
Wood Glue (around the house) To make the buildings
Yellow Plastic Tape (Ace) for Windows
Hole Punch (From Walmart, trust me the pain of an old one isn't worth the pain) for making the Windows
Polyacrylic Sealing (From around the house) to seal the wood
Acrylic Caulk (Ace) so the water stays inside the tank, and buildings to the bottom
LEDs and Resistors (Radioshack) for lighting (2 green and a pack of 20 assorted)
11 AAs (Walmart) for the LEDs
12V AA Battery Holder (Ace)
Black and Bronze spray paint (Walmart)  For a basecoat on the buildings and the statues
Cannula Tubing (Given to us) for the passageways between buildings
Bottle of Green Interior Paint Tester (Walmart) to drybrush onto the buildings and statues
Secret Ninja Force Wall Walkers (Dollar General, $1) for the statues
Plastic Christmas Wreath (from the garage) for the ocean floor ecology
Fish (Walmart) to make it a real fish tank
Air Pump (Walmart) to make bubbles
Imagination, to ignore all the mistakes

Other tools we found useful:
Table Saw
Chop Saw
Belt Sander
C Clamps
Super Glue
Paper towls
Paintbrushes (One to paint on the sealant, and another for the drybrushing)
Wire Splitter

Now make a bioshock invincible bird cage this is sweet but my idea would be sweeter

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