Introduction: Rare But Effective Airsoft Tactics

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Airsoft tactics that will leave you weltless

Step 1: Defending

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There are quite a few defensive airsoft tactics. This one is on the theory kill or be killed. Instead of waiting in a position for an enemy to come by(which may not even happen) try going and finding your enemy. This will create confusion on the attacking team and will leave them retreating and or being laced up.

Step 2: Defensive Tactic 2

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I named this tactic Black Hawk. The defending team (depending on team size) will place 4-5 teamates in trees lining a path or commonly walked area, and send other teammates(preferably fast runners and maybe a fat kid) to lure the attacking team into the ambush area they will take positions under the trees that contain a "black hawk" remain hidden until majority of the attacking team is in the zone. The problem with this tactic is that if the attacking team sees the "black hawks" in the trees it could be very deadly for the defending team but if this is performed correctly it will result your team with another victory. Remember you have the element of surprise use this to your advantage.

Step 3: Sniping Positions

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Snipers can be verrryyyy deadly in airsoft. A snipers ideal location is always somewhere up high where he can see most of the playing area. Snipers should not be directly with the rest of the defensive positions but rather off behind and over to a side. One spotter should go with the sniper for an extra pair of eyes and ears and help incase the sniper gets ambushed. If the playing area is realatively flat and the trees are too dense to be a reliable high point be ironic and set up in a hole at the end of a trail. Wait for an attacker to get in range then pick em' off as they come.

Step 4: Offensive Tactic

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Playing on the attack team is my favorite part of airsoft. Some reliable tactics that I have used in the past is to split up into 3 groups. A fairly large group that will go up the middle of the playing area. And two equally sized groups that flank up along the sides. IMPORTANT: Keep within each groups sight so you can use hand motions and not have to yell. This will make it easier for the side groups to sneak up and catch the deffenders on surprise.

Step 5: In Combat

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If you in combat and you see the other team starting to flank you TELL YOUR TEAMMATES. You have a better chance of holding them out if you hole team knows whats going on. If you are being overun retreat to a better location. You then can regroup and the other team will be forced to rethink there strategie. Always keep your eyes on the target(s). If u duck down or turn ur back to a tree you could miss an enemy moving and this could result in death!


L_Dawg (author)2010-07-03

Correction, "Good airsoft snipers can be deadly". They aren't even very deadly since they have to calculate each shot and their rate of fire is low.

MI_CONSERVATARIAN (author)L_Dawg2015-12-05

One good sniper can keep a squad pinned down. Just because the rate of fire is low, doesn't mean they aren't deadly. A guy on my team once kept a squad stuck on a treelike for twenty minutes before my squad could reach him.

WarPig137 (author)L_Dawg2010-07-25

They can take out specific enemies, function as scouts to help coordinate your team, and get attackers heads down. Snipers are often very deadly for their rate of fire. Every shot counts.

SO4Jesus (author)2012-02-08

Would guerilla tactics work in the terrain in the picture above? It looks ideal for guerilla tactics.

ryanminty (author)2011-10-17

i personal play on an airsoft team as a sniper i have real Canadian Forces Advanced Marksmanship Training CFAMT and basicly it means im sniper qauled and alot of the tactice work in aisoft but the thing is you have to pick a spot that doesn't look like a sniper would be there...say just under the bush thats 5 feet from the path, no one will think of it but again that contradicts the point of being a sniper so my best advice is the opposite...stay low in both senses stay off hills and stay as low as possible to the ground think flat and use proper camouflage

ilpug (author)2011-09-28
i can some this up in several words per step
  1. don't camp.
  2. create distractions
  3. snipers are cool.
  4. run up in a group and shoot people
  5. communicate
Ctholden (author)2011-08-18

im not fat but im not thin im the only one in my schoool who ran the none stop mile my time wa 603

UNKN()WN (author)2010-08-20

dude, i have a fat kid in my class, like a train, he builds up momentum, hes unbelievably fast

mcallahan1 (author)UNKN()WN2011-04-12

I Have a kid like that in my PE class.


I am that kid.

Well, at least for my area.


WarPig137 (author)2010-07-25

Something on sniping: while being high lets you see more, being low prevents detection. Advice I've always heard for snipers is STAY LOW. Low, low, low.

this guy i know modded a high fps sniper rifle to be full auto and ran into enemy teretory shooting everyone

LittleWhiteSoldier (author)2011-03-28

i think you mean resulting in pain

JamesTB13 (author)2010-06-25

You know, fat kids can be surprisingly fast. Also, as a fat kid myself, surprisingly stealthy.

nicknack171 (author)2009-07-09

too many guides on airsoft like ive said on every other guide that gets put on here

emmerich45 (author)nicknack1712009-07-09

good point, but you should really only say it on every other guide but one, dont want to be left entirely without airsoft guides, save that kind of total removal for the thousands of knex guides :)

nicknack171 (author)emmerich452009-07-09

im sorry but i feel like they make different stuff on the knex but what ever

emmerich45 (author)nicknack1712009-07-09

i was only kidding, people should be able to post whatever they like, it does get a little irritating when trying to search for stuff though.

ilpug (author)emmerich452010-06-24

I am sick and tired ofall of these incomplete or basically useless airsoft guides. i am amaking the PARAGON OF AIRSOFT GUIDES in a monnth or so, and that will make all of these little ones look bad. the thing about all of the ones out there is that they claim to be all-inclusive, and then only talk about one or two things. I have played professional airsoft for nigh on seven years, so i know what im talking about. i will be collaborating with members of my airsoft community to make this guide.

nicknack171 (author)ilpug2010-06-24

Wow haven't been on here for a long time. I've actually completly given up on airsoft. Paintball has become my thing and I love it. No regrets. But I hope your mega guide goes well and I hope you can make something that is a real asset to the community. Any paintball questions on paintball go to my name is the same on there and I'm really active on that forum. Thanks.

Gage987 (author)nicknack1712009-12-14

yes but if your read all of them you could be a genius on the subject

ilpug (author)2010-06-24

what kind of grenade launcher is that? in the last pic. wher edo you get it?

fluffy the craftster (author)2010-02-02

 airsoft tactics are the same u can us most of em with nerf

ben89 (author)2009-11-24

cool easy

~Aeronous~ (author)2009-09-29

why not throw an airsoft grenade?

brox911 (author)2009-07-23

lol, the fat kid thing is mean.

Landon Sullivan (author)2009-07-18


I think you mean "Common and Somewhat Effective Airsoft Tactics."
Use spellcheck next time.

lemonie (author)2009-07-09

Why don't I see any airsoft guns?


Bartboy (author)lemonie2009-07-09

Why are you always right? B Same reason?

lemonie (author)Bartboy2009-07-10

I'm not. But I do take a bit of care not to be wrong... L

thematthatter (author)2009-07-09

Why does every airsoft instructable feel the need to steal pictures. And its the SAME pictures too.

okoshima (author)thematthatter2009-07-10

sometimes we just have to... -points to mine- most the pics are mine tho

crapflinger (author)2009-07-10

you should probably rename this ible to "common airsoft tactics".....none of these are rare....these are all common practice

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