Rarely Used Bench Grinder Support





Introduction: Rarely Used Bench Grinder Support

As you can see, not much of a bench, not much of a bench-space.

Thought someone in my situation will like this.

I got a decent vice, and a Bench Grinder I need to use rarely.

Making the Bench Grinder portable was my only choice, so here it is.

Step 1:

I drilled 2 holes in the piece of an angle iron I had.

I am not giving measurements due to the different brands, sizes

of the Bench Grinders available.

Step 2:

Once bolted on the Grinder ( I used safety nuts to prevent becoming loose), İt is ready to put into the vice.

Now I have a very secure, safe to operate bench Grinder.

Step 3:

I do not have any vibration problem, just in case I will, I am going to use these

Rubber Mounting Grommets between the Grinder and Angle iron.

I got them from wreckers, off car exhaust.

Very simple, very cheap way not to clutter the bench.

Hope someone will benefit.




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    I am the process of moving and my new workshop is much smaller. Never thought of this! Love it! Stealing it, mine!


    In other words, thanks heaps!

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    I am glad that it will work for you. All the best.

    if you can find the old cloth and black rubber mouse pads I find they hold bench grinders in place pretty good. But the grinder I use on one of those is pretty heavy, so that might be a factor? The gray grinder in the middle on the bottom is just on a mouse pad

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    All those grinders! You got one for every occassion!

    Yes I agree, a heavy grinder may stand still while used but in my case I need the space when I don't use it.

    Thank you for your nice comment.

    Thank you for your nice comment!