This is a quick Instructable, showing how I added a reset button to my Raspberry Pi 2.

The Pi 2 has two hearder pin holes next to the display socket, which is marked "RUN". When this pins are shorted together, the Raspberry Pi 2 will reboot.

Step 1: Tactile Switch - B1719

I had a couple of these tactile switches, and decided to modify it slightly to fit the Raspberry Pi 2.

1 - Using long nose pliers, I first straightened each leg.

2 - Then, bend each leg as shown.

3 - Solder the tactile switch onto the Raspberry Pi 2.

Step 2: Reset Switch Fitted to Raspberry Pi 2

Solder the switch onto the Raspberry Pi 2.

Hope this was usefull.


<p>It is a brutal hard reboot though, so only use when it's got wedged -- unless you want corrupted files on the SD card :)</p><p>It will also wake-up a &quot;sleeping&quot; PI (that has been <strong>halt</strong>ed, yet is still powered) so you don't need to cut and reconnect the power.</p>
Thanks MikeB. so I have learned over the weekend...<br>This is what happens if you give a Arduino guy a Raspberry :).<br><br>I am now using a shutdown button, and this &quot;reset&quot; switch is now only used to restart the Raspberry from a shutdown command.
<p>perfect, I've put a button on my piB but wanted something similar for my pi2 :D Thanks</p>
<p>Glad you like this...</p>

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