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My dad liked to buy a high end steaming speaker. But he found no wifi speaker with the ability to play music from an usb stick and listen music with the headphone. The most speaker we found had no display but I think it's nice to have one, so we decide to build our own speaker.

Step 1: Parts and Tools

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First I like to say the project costs about 280$.
But when you look what a similar speaker costs, the project is comparative cheap.
And kodi is a very good media center.


The Parts in (****) are the parts i used

-Amplifier 2*50 W (Sure TDA7492)

- Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

- Keyboard ( mini wireless keyboard 2.4G)

- Touchscreen with lcd (touch does not work with kodi) (5 inch LCD HDMI Touch Screen Display Module TFT LCD 800*480 Banana Pi Raspberry Pi 2 model B/B+)

- 2 Speaker (HiVi Research B3S 3inch)

- USB Hub (7hub)

- USB wifi adapter

-DAC (I2S Interface Special HIFI DAC+ Sound Card For Raspberry PI B+/2B)

- 24v 4.5a 100w Power Supply

- Cables and a power switch

- minimum 4GB SD card

Step 2: Assembly

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1. You have to cut the edges of the Speakers

2. Cut the cable of the 7hub powersupply and solder two new cables on it.

3. I taped the 24v powersupply to the 3d printed stand

4. Solder the Cables form the usb hub to the switch and from the 24v powersupply to the switch.

5. Solder the 240v cables to the switch.

6. screw the speakers to the housing. Use a magnetic hex key or put a paper between the key and the screw

7. Wire all toghter

8. Put the board mount in the two slots of the stand (one side of the board is higher than the other)

9. Tap 8 M4 threads in the housing

10. Assemble the Stand and the housing with 8 m4 screws

Step 3: Software

My Speaker runs with kodi 5.0.8. Write it to the SD Card ( there are much descriptions on the net)

You have to edit the config.text file for the DAC+ and the Screen.

For the Dac + write: dtoverlay=hifiberry-dacplus


For the Sceen: hdmi_force_hotplug=1




hdmi_cvt 800 480 60 6 0 0 0


The Rest in the txt file should be # (faded out)

Step 4: 3d Files

Here is the link for the 3d files, but these are at work because i like to change two things.

The first is the lcd mount and the second is the lcd cable canal.

These changes are impotrant for a easier assembley.

here are the link for the files:


joeyzh (author)2016-06-07

This is agreat project. I am always interesting in wifi speaker. I saw some other similar project using Arduino compatible platform just days ago:

plategahn (author)2015-11-06

Thank you for your instructable :) i was planning to build something like that for me and my roomates but with a few changes in software. XBMC has not the greatest usability when you think of playing music. There are a few projects what might be needy for you.

MPD this is an unix based media player where a lot of stuff can be build around.


You have a website on the pi where you can search for music and listen to playlists. very cool usable feature if one have too big hands for the small keyboard.

2. Tron-Radio

Relies also on MPD but there is a nice catchy touchinterface. So you can also access your music over the display.

3. Airplay

You can install airplay directly so you can stream from apple devices

4. Streaming for non Apple Users

Here you can use UPnP/DLNA

5. Automated Sorting

Headphones is a great software for that, you can even set up you own music naming database.

6. Remote

There is a project called lirc, you can use an old remote when you want to get away from the small buttons on the keyboard.

7. Media Center

If you want to stick to a media center, do you know osmc? Very clean design.

Actually you are a friend of my roommate, so if you want i could help you with the Software and you help me to build some encasing. The hardware on your project is a remarkable good pick :)

Thank you and greetings from duesseldorf.

lines11 (author)plategahn2015-12-30

Thank you, sorry I didnt check the comments. I know there is a lot software. But I like kodi, because I have the ability to stream pics from my nas while I'm playing music. And if I like I can play games. I know there are better apps for a music player. It's good to know when I have software problems. And of course I can 3D print a case for you. Here is my new smaller speaker

tomatoskins (author)2015-08-05

That turned out looking great! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!

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