That is a very good question, my friends. A Poke cake, is a cake that has been poked, and some sort of gelatin sauce has been drizzled over it. The drizzle seeps into the holes, and saturates the interior of the cake. At least, that's what I've heard.

I get really excited about raspberry-lemon things, especially martinis, but this is truly a brilliant idea for a cupcake. I'm making a lemon cupcake, with a raspberry drizzle, and topped with a lemon icing. Exciting, yes?

Here's a link to the Poke-cake recipe I was using: Raspberry Poke Cake Recipe

Your Ingredients:
  1. Betty Crocker Lemon Cake Mix (plus the eggs, oil, and water) (yields about 24 cupcakes)
  2. 1 Box Raspberry Jell-O.
  3. Fresh Raspberries
  4. 1 Lemon (sliced)
  5. Powdered Sugar
  6. Lemon Juice (fresh squeezed or bottle)
  7. Cupcake liners
  8. Fork

Step 1: Cupcake Cupcake Cupcake!

Mix up that box of Lemon Cake, as per the instructions on the box. Pour into cupcake liners in a cupcake pan. Bake as follows on the box. In the meantime, while they bake, you can mix the frosting! When the cupcakes are done baking, set them aside to cool.
My mind was blown as well. I might experiment with different flavor combinations. There are so many Jell-O flavors! <br>This one is especially tart and juicy.
That looks so tasty! I just love raspberries and raspberries with lemons is just amazing!
Jell-o! In a CUPCAKE! Consider my mind blown. I'm definitely trying this.

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