Picture of Raspberry, Olive Oil, and Thyme Shortbread Cookie
Here is the Recipe for raspberry, olive oil, and thyme shortbread cookies. 

This is a light cookie that blends several flavors and isn't overly sweet. 

You will need the following ingredients:

-1 cup plain flour
-1/2 cup unsalted butter, at room temperature
-2.5 tablespoons of  extra virgin olive oil
-1/2 cup sugar 
-2 egg yolks
-Zest and juice of one lemon
-1teaspoon chopped fresh thyme
-1 tablespoon freeze dried.frozen raspberry

You will also need parchment paper for this recipe. 
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Step 1: Starting the dough

Picture of Starting the dough
For this step you will need the sugar, soft butter, and olive oil.

In a large bowl add ingredients in this order.

1. 1/2 cup sugar

2.1/2 cup unsalted butter, at room temperature

3. 2.5 tablespoons of  extra virgin olive oil

Once you have added all the ingredients above blend until creamed. 

Step 2: Adding the wet ingredients

Picture of Adding the wet ingredients
For this step you will need the yolk of two eggs and the juice of one lemon. 

Add to the mixer and blend well. 

Step 3: Adding dry ingredients

Picture of Adding dry ingredients
For this step you will add the flour to the creamed mixture. 

Add the 1 cup of flour to the mixture. You can do this all at once, or a little at a time. Make sure that all flour is incorporated and the mixture is well blended. 

Step 4: Adding the flavors

Picture of Adding the flavors
For this step you will need the lemon zest, raspberries, and thyme. 

Make sure that all ingredients are finely chopped and the thyme is stem free. 

Add to the mixture while mixing in this order.

1. 1teaspoon chopped fresh thyme

2. 1 tablespoon freeze dried.frozen raspberry

3. zest of one lemon. 

Blend until all ingredients are completely incorporated into the dough. 

Step 5: Transfer the dough

Picture of Transfer the dough
Once the dough is well blended, remove the dough and spoon or spread it onto the parchment paper. 

Step 6: Roll the dough

Picture of Roll the dough
Once you have transferred all the dough to the parchment, roll the parchment around the dough and roll until it is cylindrical (rolled like a sausage). 

Once you have done this place rolled dough into the freezer and allow to set. This can take anywhere from 1 hour to 2 depending on your freezer. 
sunshiine3 years ago
This looks really good. Thanks for sharing.
Sounds good! I love the way the raspberries, thyme and lemon adds some color to the cookie!
It really is a good cookie. The flavors blend very well together and help make it a robust cookie, without being overwhelming.