Wooden Raspberry PI Case


Introduction: Wooden Raspberry PI Case

Do you want a good and sturdy case for your raspberry pi? You're at the right place. The case that you make with this guide has been made for a raspberry pi 3, but it'll also work with a pi 2.

Requires lasercutting and 3d printing.

Step 1: 3D Print the Holder

First you have to 3d print the holder for your raspberry pi, one is included in topic. This one will be attached to the wooden case later. The included one fits a raspberry pi well and also has support for screws.

Step 2: Lasercut the Wooden Parts

Now you have to make the actual case, the schematic I've used is included. Use of a laser cutter is recommended to prevent inaccuracies and so that it fits perfectly.

Step 3: Attach the Holder

Now you have to attach the holder to the lower part of the wooden case, you can use glue or use screws, if you use screws make sure the screws aren't too long so they don't stick out.

Step 4: Attach the Wooden Parts Together

Now you have to glue the actual case together, the parts should fit perfectly. The included file will also engrave a raspberry logo on the top. You can also use a hinge to connect the top and the back piece (as seen in the picture), this is so that the raspberry can be swapped easily. If you decide to glue everything together, make sure the raspberry is inside when you do so.

That's all, enjoy your case!



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    Looks like a perfect case. Nicely done!