I own two RPI’s one is a media server for my prerecorded TV shows; the other is hooked up to a Motorola Lapdock to run experiments and for educational purposes. I am an engineer who volunteers for the Boy Scouts of America I teach computers at the Rhode Island Merit Badge College and plan on giving my presentation from my RPI. It will also be a web server for those taking the class. In my search for low cost enclosures I saw someone use 2 electrical plate covers as a sandwich with spacers. So I thought what if the RPI could fit into a standard junction box? What I found is that it “just” fit into a 1-Gang 8 cubic inch old work box with flanges.

I tried to keep the tools down to a minimum.


Dremel tool (cutting and sanding bits) or hand scroll saw, or vibrating multitool
Drill bit set, I don’t include sizes due to the “English/Metric” thing.
Razor knife
Screw Driver
6/32 Tap (if not you may be able to self tap it)

Step 1: Gather the materials:

1-Gang 8 cubic inch Old work box plastic Home Depot $1.20
Model # B108R-UPC Internet # 100404058 Store SKU # 279670
1-Gang Blank Wall Plate Home Depot $0.59

Model # R52-88014-00W Store SKU # 224175 Store SO SKU # 162677

3-4 6/32 screws (free, these are the same ones used in your PC you must have some around)

4 spare rubber feet from whatever device you have around

PDF of paper RPI case from Punnet (remember to print it full size do not shrink to fit)

Spray Paint, whatever you have, though I like the Red.
Very nice work, well done. <br>It would take me 10 weeks and a day to build that - 1 day for the build and 10 weeks delivery for the pi - :-( Oh well with some luck I might be having raspberry pi for Christmas! ;-)
Delivery is running long again, I know someone who has been waiting a month, demand is high. Santa needs to step up his game.
I'm just coming into my 7th week - they have just advised of another delay of several weeks - I'll be surprised if it arrives before Christmas now as the normal delays of that period will be added.
I ordered my RPi 3 weeks ago, and it came in last night. I will be making this case for it. Maybe with a few modifications. :) <br>Thanks for the excellent idea.

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