Introduction: Raspberry Pi 2 Desktop Computer Setup

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A cheap computer for basic daily tasks!

Step 1: The Monitor

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The monitor in this setup is a Phillips 20" LED I bought from a local tech store but you can use a tv too.

Step 2: The Computer Itself

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I am using the Raspberry Pi 2 which is pretty much the best version of the pi you can use for this. The pi in the picture is on top of a lego base which is being held with velcro on a desk drawer. I have an acrylic case for the pi 2 itself with a fan connected to the GPIO pin 5V and Ground. I have my wifi adapter,usb powered speakers connected to a usb and port and the sound port, i got the keyboard connected,a mouse adapter,a HDMI cable connected to the monitor with a DVI adapter. I got my 2Amp micro usb connected too. The back of my monitor is pretty messy haha.

Step 3: USB Powered Speakers

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Every computer should have some source of audio and my monitor doesnt have any so I purchased a cheap pair of USB speakers! The apple sticker is just for deco, I got it from my friend that bought an ipod.

Step 4: Keyboard

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The keyboard I use is a Logotech K120

Step 5: Mouse

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The mouse I use is wireless and it is a Logitech M238

Step 6: Micro SD Card

I don't have any pics of my SD card because its very hard to take my pi from its base but its a Samsung Evo 16GB Class 10 card

Step 7: Great Computer for Cheap Price

Picture of Great Computer for Cheap Price

In conclusion, you can get a decent computer that does most of what your regular computer can do with probably less than half of its price


Spikey645 (author)2016-06-17

Would I be able to run the software for my Flashforge Creator Pro 3D printer on this?

SudoPi (author)Spikey6452016-07-24

I doubt you could do that since the Pi isn't designed to run heavy software. Apologizes for my late reply.

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