Raspberry Pi 2 VPN Server Easy Way





Introduction: Raspberry Pi 2 VPN Server Easy Way

Hey This is a how to install vpn server on raspberry pi 2. We will be covering debian / raspbian installation as well as how to install pptp. Hope you enjoyed this video and thanks for the view!

Raspbian https://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads/

win32diskimager http://sourceforge.net/projects/win32diskimager/

portforward instructions http://portforward.com/



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    Great instructions, easy to follow, thanks. Would you consider looking at the following and doing a video like this one explaining how this is done?


    For a nob, the instructions are not clear and you did such a good job on the VPN setup I though you could clear this up.

    Thanks. its a great video..Well, it would be great if you add all those commands in the written section so we can not only copy paste but also share it.

    Since youtube exists, people are lazy to write.

    I like those things written as well, so you can read it over again. Of course you can replay the video,

    to be honest, making a video is much more work then writing the how to. you should try it sometime and see the difference

    great tutorial. yes videos are harder to make overall

    this site is for sharing instructables, with written INSTRUCTIONS, not just for sharing videos... for that there's already youtube...

    this is taken directly from raspberry pi contest


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    lazy lazy writes instructive