Raspberry Pi 2 Windows 10 Install





Introduction: Raspberry Pi 2 Windows 10 Install

HI, in this video i will be covering the installation of windows 10 (release) on raspberry pi 2. After installing windows 10, you will be presented with a minimal gui. In order to take advantage of the windows 10 IoT you would need to install visual studios and code projects with c# ( c sharp). thanks for the view!

windows 10 iot download



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    Imcomplete: It's not Windows 10 install, it's Windows 10 IoT install. Modify your title. Windows 10 IoT is empty os For developpement, not the same has Windows 10.

    sorry no, B+ is arm6 while pi 2 is arm7. only support pi . hope this helps

    Okay, thanks very much!

    What are the advantages to having an Win10 install on a Pi, versus a Linux install?

    Which OS has greater access to the Pi's hardware?

    its really comparing apples to oranges at this point. linux on pi is almost all in one OS where you can write and deploy code using just the PI. while windows 10 iot, you must use there visual studios and deploy to PI.. if your more a C# fan then windows 10 iot is great, but if your used to python, linux... i would say linux then.

    very interesting.,.
    wondering if this ver would run Java scripts with in a firefox browser?