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Introduction: Raspberry Pi CNC Case

I will show you how i made my first woodworking project on my diy cnc machine. It is a wood case (8mm ply wood) with wood joints for a Raspberry Pi equipped with an Protoneer CNC shield (arduino nano, power supply, stepper drivers).

Step 1: Generate a Basic Box Shape With Wood Joints

First of all i used the prepared protoneer raspbian cnc image for the raspberry pi. It includes a very cool cam tool and gcode sender named bCNC written in python (multiplatform). bCNC has a toolbox with cool features. I used the box tool to create the starting point of my project. Important at this point is to use the right settings for saving later as dxf file. You have to configure the material settings of bCNC that the box tool generates only one layer of the box shape.

Then export the shape in dxf format for later modification in an vector program.

Update 5.1.2016:
Exporting to svg written earlier is wrong. bCNC can only export dxf at the moment!

Step 2: Add Additional Holes to the Case

After creating the base shape for my RPi case i added additional paths for later profile, pocket and drilling operations. I added holes (paths) for the connectors, fan, the tft display and so on.

Step 3: Generate the Gcode File

After adding additional paths i used the online makercam tool (you can use it offline in Chrome too if you save the .swf file locally) to create the gcode file for milling on the cnc machine. For each path i decided which (drill holes for the screws, profile cut outer or inner, pocket operation to reduce thickness for the fan and the raspberry pi board) operation is needed.

Step 4: Video of the Project

Step 5: Project Files

Project files for 3mm end mill and 8mm ply wood.

Note: some holes for the connectors don't fit perfect and need a little workaround on the final case.



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    This looks amazing. What raspberry pi did you use, 2 o 3?

    1 reply

    Sorry for the late response. I have used a RPi2.

    great job

    can u help me how u installed raspberry pi 3 for grbl

    kindly share link and steps. i like to build same as u did

    What about the electrical part? do you mine to share the component list? Nice casing btw, look majestic!

    2 replies

    1x Raspberry Pi
    1x Protoneer CNC Shield for RPi
    3x Pololu DRV8825 Stepper Motor Driver
    1x MeanWell SNT RD 50A (5v / 12v) power supply
    1x Makibes 5inch HDMI LCD Touch display

    Looks fantastic!

    Just what i need for project.


    Hallo! Ich kann das nicht downloaden, kannst du mir per mail senden?


    Georg Huels

    Really nice, great video...

    Looks like a professional unit! Well done. I wish I had the skill to do something like this.

    1 reply